Compositions and Arrangements



     The Measure of Love (libretto: Richard Sizensky)

     The Picture of Dorian Gray (libretto: Dr. James Saslow)


      Adagio for Strings and Harp

      Concerto for Flute and Orchestra

      Concerto for Organ and Orchestra

      Concerto for Organ, Brass and Timpani

      Concerto for Violin and Orchestra

      Fanfare for Michigan State University

      Haec Dies, Morceau de Concert pour grand Orgue, Cordes, et Timbales

      Nigun, Rhapsody for Orchestra

      Passacaglia for Orchestra

      Passacaglia for Organ, Strings and Timpani

      Passacaglia for Winds, Brass and Percussion
      Pezzo Serioso, Essay II for Orchestra

      Poem for Flute and Orchestra

      Priere pour la Paix, pour Orchestre
      Rhapsody on Armenian Themes for Piano and Orchestra

      Souvenirs de Vienne, Valse pour Orchestre

      Sinfonietta nello stile antico

      Study in Seven, Essay I for Orchestra

      Suite for Orchestra, "At the movies!"
                                                  I. Main Title
                                                  II. Paranoia
                                                  III. The Peace of the Celestial City
                                                  IV. Love Scene
                                                  V. Closing Credits

      The Lion’s Mouth, Scherzo
                                                  a. for full orchestra
                                                  b. for Organ, Brass and Percussion

      Three Pieces for Orchestra

      Visions of the Apocalypse,  Symphonic Suite for Orchestra
                                                  The Trumpet of the Seventh Angel
                                                  The Marked Beast
                                                  The Fallen City
                                                  The Peace of the Celestial City
                                                  The Lake of Fire

          Sonata for Flute, Violin and Piano
          Sonata for Flute, Viola and Piano
          Trio for Violin, Violoncello and Piano


      The Ballad of the Four Brothers (text: Brian Ford), for Baritone and Orchestra

       Elegies for Rog (text: Paul Monette), for Baritone solo and Orchestra

       Jabberwocky (Text: Lewis Carroll), for two Tenors and Orchestra

       Sieben Gedichte von Frank Wedekind (Cabaret Songs)

       Two Shakespeare Monologues, for dramatic Soprano and Orchestra
                                        The Death of Ophelia
                                        The Raven himself is hoarse (Lady Macbeth’s monologue)

      Vier Gedichte von Hermann Hesse
                                        Wie sind die Tage
                                        Böse Zeit
                                        Die Kindheit
                                        Auf Wanderung


                A Psalm Symphony, for Tenor solo, SATB Chorus and Orchestra
                                 (Psalms 13, 23 and 150) [set in German]

                Beowulf, Musical Legend for Soli, Chorus and Large Orchestra
                                 (text: Richard Sizensky) [set in English]

                Fear the Lord, anthem for Mezzo-soprano solo, SATB Chorus and Organ
                                 (text: selected from Psalm 34) [English]
                The Song of Songs, Biblical verses selected and edited by Dr. James Saslow
                                                            a. for Soprano and Baritone soli, SATB chorus and orchestra
                                                            b. for Tenor and Baritone soli, Male Chorus and Two Pianos

                O Fairest Love Divine (text: Richard Sizensky)

                                                            a. for Chorus SATB, Organ and Harp
                                                            b. for Male Chorus, Strings, Organ, Celeste, Harp and  Timpani
                                                            c. for Chorus SATB, Strings, Organ, Celesta, Harp and Timpani

                Psalm 100

                                                            a. for Male Chorus, Brass and Timpani
                                                            b. for Chorus SATB, Brass, Timpani and Organ
                                                                               [set in English]

                Planetarium, Suite for Chorus SSAATTBB, String Quintet, Harp, Piano, Timpani and
                                                  (Latin and Greek text selected and translated by Richard Sizensky)

                Psalm 46, for Mixed Chorus and Organ

               Three Song-Offerings after Tagore, for chorus SATB and Piano


                         Ave Maria, for Chorus SATB

                         Eye hath not seen, for Chorus SATB

                         I came that they may have life, for Chorus SATB

                         O salutaris hostia, for Chorus SATB

                         Set me as a seal, for Chorus SATB

                         The Call, for 3-part mixed chorus

                         The Heavens are Telling, Prelude and Fugue for Chorus SATB

               Apache Wedding Prayer
               The Ballad of the Four Brothers (text: Brian Ford)

                Cabaret Songs (text: Frank Wedekind)

                Elegies for Rog (text: Paul Monette)

                Fortune and Men’s Eyes (text: Shakespeare, Sonnet 29)

                Jabberwocky (text: Lewis Carroll)
                                                                               a. for two tenors and two pianos
                                                                               b. for voice and piano
                                                                               c. for tenor solo, SATB chorus and piano
Phantasmagoria, 3 Poems of E. A. Poe 
                                                             A Dream

               The Call (George Herbert), for voice, piano and viola
               The Lamb (William Blake)

               Two Shakespeare Monologues
                                                                                    a. The Death of Ophelia
                                                                                    b. The Raven himself is hoarse

               Strings in the Earth and Air (James Joyce)

               We two boys (text: Walt Whitman)


               Apache Wedding Prayer, for Soprano, String Quartet and Piano

               Cabaret Songs (with Clarinet/Bass Clarinet,  Alto Sax, Violin, Violoncello, Piano,
               Harpsichord, Percussion)

               Phantasmagoria (with String Quintet and Harp)
                                  A Dream


       Introduction, Passacaglia and Double Fugue in F#-minor

       Metamorphosis, Three Pieces for Organ

       Prière pour la Paix

       Processione Mechitarista

       Rondo in D-major

       Visions of the Apocalypse, Symphony for Organ
                            The Trumpet of the Seventh Angel
                            The Marked Beast
                            The Peace of the Celestial City
                            The Lake of Fire


       Poème pour Piano


        The Holy Eucharist, ICET Text Rite II, for Unison Voices and Organ

        Sabbath Eve Service, for Cantor, Mixed Choir and Organ

        Missa Brevis, for Mixed Chorus, Organ, Brass and Timpani


For full orchestra:

       J. S. Bach: Prelude and Fugue in E-minor, BWV. 548 ("Wedge")

       J. S. Bach: Toccata in F, BWV 540

       W. A. Mozart: Three Pieces for Mechanical Organ
                                       a. Fantasy in f-minor, K. 594
                                       b. Andante in F-major, K. 616
                                       c. Fantasy in f-minor, K. 608

       Eduard Napravnik: Romance, from "Dubrovsky", for Tenor and Orchestra

       Franz Schubert: Winterreise, song-cycle for High Voice and Orchestra

       Suite Romantique, Three French Romantic Organ Works
                                               Eugene Gigout: Grande Choeur Dialogue
                                               Leon Boellman: Prière a Notre Dame
                                               Charles-Marie Widor: Toccata, Symphony V
       Ludwig Thuille: Urschlamm-Idyll for Low Voice and Orchestra

       Hanukah Lights, Five traditional Hanukah melodies (with chorus ad lib.)

For Organ, Brass and Percussion:
      H. Büsser: Marche de Fête
      J. Brody: Fanfare for MSU
      S. Karg-Elert: Nun danket alle Gott
      E.W. Korngold: Main Title, "Kings Row"
      E.W. Korngold: Closing scene, "Das Wunder der Heliane"

      M. Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition: Baba Yaga+Great Gate of Kiev

      N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov: Procession of the Nobles, from "Mlada"
      L. Vierne: Carillon de Westminster